Master Class Acknowledges Robert Taylor Jr

Hey, everyone! I'm pleased to announce that the @masterclass series has once again featured me 🙏🏽 and this time as the '8 Up & Coming Music Artists From The MasterClass Community' for the song "Walk With Me". No explaining the honor I feel here being recognized by this outlet (and even in general with such an outlet). In a world that we are living in today, music saves me and it helps me heal others who may be going through it. 🌏🎵 Thank you @timbaland for being an extraordinary teacher. 🙏🏽 Thank you @lionelrichie@davidoofficial & @alhajiteknomiles_for the inspiration of the song - a thank you to my baby brother @blake_smoove for pushing me to create/write/produce the song and a shoutout to my homie @veronika_switzer for pushing me to take this class!  And last, but not least at all, I want to thank all of my fans who still support me in everything I do.  Much appreciated on every end! Much love!